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About us

SiAmoNapoli Group is the project of entrepreneurs who, beyond the Italian borders, want to spread the genuine and millenary food, also tourist and cultural art of the former Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, respecting and rehabilitating what has been depleted and forgotten over the years in the name of progress and thirsty and absolute consumerism.


The projects of the brand
SiAmoNapoli – il cuore del Sud ®

Logo AziendaTipicaNapoletana

Azienda Tipica Napoletana®

Collective Association of Producers of Southern Italy and also of the Distributors, Restaurant or Merchants of their products beyond the border of southern Italy.

SiamoNapoli-Street Food

Street Food

Activity of Street Food takeaway

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Gastronomic trips

The largest agritourism in Europe, organizes trips to the places of our productions, food or non-food

The projects of the brand
Neapolis - le Taverne di Lucullo ®


Restaurants and pizzerias
with Neapolitan cuisine


Granting of use the brand and design pizzas

Master Class

Education and artistic training for the execution of the Neapolitan kitchen or pizzeria


Neapolitan court cuisine, inspired by the ancient recipes used in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

Each restaurant is furnished and organized for a maximum of 6 tables.

We participate in the following Exhibitions


05-07 April 2022



28 April - 01 May 2022



22-23 June 2022

Bellavita Expo

We participate in the following Projects


The business magazine

The Silk Road